HP acquires Poly, a leading global provider of workplace collaboration solutions


As the future of the hybrid workplace is evolving, HP now announces the acquisition of Poly. Something that will affect many of us working to improve the ways we meet in the future offices.

Traditional office spaces are being reconfigured to support hybrid work and collaboration, and there are 90 million rooms, and less than 10% have video capability, HP states in their press release. 

Hybrid offices create a fantastic opportunity to redefine the way we work

The rise of the hybrid office creates a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redefine how work gets done. And in a more hybrid world, cloud platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams will play an important role in innovating new experiences. The highest quality audio and video have become an essential component of work across every industry, whether in an office, at home, or on the go.

Making professional broadcasting accessible to everyone

LiveArena and AI Producer is following this progression closely, and we believe it is a game-changer when you can include intelligent AI to make professional broadcasting accessible to everyone. We believe that with the growing demand for ways to improve how we collaborate, AI Producer has an important role. The HP acquisition of Poly is a good example of where the future is heading.

Read the press release from HP here