How to add a new Broadcast Destination in the Admin Portal.

An AI Producer Admin can add a New Destination from within the Admin Portal. In Settings, an AI Producer Admin selects, for example, Meta by Workplace, or YouTube and logs in with their respective platform credentials, to create a New Destination available for their organization’s AI Producer Users.

Follow these steps if you are an AI Producer Admin:

Go to the Admin Portal,

Select the ‘Settings’ tile. 

Select the Profile to which you want to add a New Destination or Create a New Profile to configure settings for a specific profile group of users.

Go to Broadcast Destination Settings and select Add New Destination.

Select Destination Type.

By clicking ‘Create,’ the Settings page will redirect you to log into your organization’s account connected to the new destination to provide consent for the third-party platform (AI Producer) and enable Broadcasting to the new destination.

Give the destination a name. The destination name is what the users on your tenant will see when selecting a broadcast destination in the AI Producer app.

Now the New Destination is selectable for your organization’s users.

Please note

Users can also broadcast to any destination of their choice when ’External Destination’ is enabled by connecting to a Broadcast platform of their choice using an RTMP or RTMPS link.