AI Producer Broadcast give you access to all the features.

AI Producer Broadcast.
Broadcast live to any destination.

Easily broadcast your Webinars, Live Events, Town Hall meetings etc. Fully automated or you take control in Manual Mode. Use preset production formats or use Rundown with different segments to get a smooth interesting production.

Optimized for one presenter at a time. AI Producer constantly analyzes the presenter and the shared screen. Displays in Focus and Side-by-side modes.

Supports several presenters and a shared screen. Displays in Focus mode, Shared and Split-screen.

Supports several presenters. Displays presenters individually in Focus mode or together in Split-screen.

Take advantage of the strength of the different Preset Production formats. Combine them easily into a smooth broadcast Rundown schedule.

Compare AI Producer Meeting and AI Producer Broadcast

AI Producer Features
Company Admin portal
User portal
AI Producer icon as default in Teams meeting bar
Playout video library
Play high-quality video in Teams meeting
Play high-quality video in Production
Produced Meeting: Save your meeting, produced in a vivid and engaging way for later viewing and/or sharing
Dynamic video square
Include company logo and background
Automated name and title overlay
Production Format: Education
Select more than one Producer per Production
Same meeting destination (available Q2)
Production Formats: Talk Show, Presentation and Panel Discussion
Broadcast live to another Teams meeting, Teams webinar or Teams live event
Broadcast live to any external destinations such as LinkedIn, Meta Workplace, YouTube etc.
Record the Production for later viewing and/or sharing
Manual Mode
Custom layouts
Moderated Q&A (any destination)
Send message to participants
Send message to viewers
Additional cameras (available Q2)
More than 4 camera sources (+ screen share) in a Production (available Q2)
Advanced overlays
Pre-production of video
Broadcast to multiple destinations
AI Producer Meeting
AI Producer Broadcast