The Admin Portal for Users

Available in some AI Producer price plans.

AI Producer users can access the AI Producer User Portal to configure their individual Custom Layouts and Rundown Templates to be made available for themselves.

Custom Layouts 

The User can customize the layout of production formats with a simple drag-and-drop editor. Position where the Presenters and screen share should be located, and the size of them. Adding up to 6 Presenters with their own video boxes is possible.


Find more about Custom Layouts in the Tutorials.

Rundown Templates 

Users can create their Rundown Templates. The Rundown Templates are used to let broadcasts consist of several segments, and each segment can have its own Production Format, Presenters, Branding, etc. Rundown templates are easy to reuse in multiple broadcasts.


Find more about Rundown Templates in the Tutorials.

Create your own Rundown Template.

Example of a 35 minutes template.

Need Help?

This section of the User Portal contains tutorials, FAQs, manuals, and more to help users better understand the User Portal and AI Producer.