How to Brand the broadcast

Go to Settings in the Admin Portal, where you can upload logos and backgrounds to the broadcasts. You can also permit the users to use custom logos and backgrounds. You can choose the default logo by clicking on the logo and assigning it as default. You can also decide if the logo will be enforced in the broadcast. 

Logo size

The logo’s preferred aspect ratio is 1:1, but the accepted aspect ratio is less than 8:1. The maximum width/height after scaling the logo is 960/120 px.

Background size

The accepted file format is .png, and the maximum size of the file is 10 Mb. The accepted aspect ratio is 16:9. We recommend uploading a 1080p image (1920×1080 px) to retain its original quality. If the image size is less than 1080p, it will be scaled up, decreasing the image quality.