How to Broadcast to Workplace by Meta

There are two ways to set up your Broadcast to Workplace. Either connect your Broadcast to a specific Event created in Workplace or select Broadcast on your Workplace Timeline or a Group within Workplace.

Broadcast to a Workplace Event

If you want to Broadcast to a Workplace event, you need to create an event on your Workplace and make sure to set the date and time to the same as your scheduled broadcast. You can also choose who can see and join the event and invite your viewers by sending calendar invitations while setting up the event.


Create a event in Workplace.

Name the event again in the setup.

Connect your Broadcast to Workplace

If you want to broadcast directly on your Workplace Timeline or to a specific Workplace Group, you can set up your Broadcast directly in the AI producer settings.

Go to your Teams app and set up the Production Meeting with AI Producer. When selecting the Broadcast Destination, you check the box for Workplace from Meta. 

When clicking the ‘Create And Get RTMP URL,’ you can choose to connect your broadcast to a scheduled event on your Workplace or choose to set up the broadcast to your Workplace Timeline or a specific Workplace group.

Follow the steps in the pop up-box to name and set up the event by clicking ‘Continue.’

Connect to a scheduled event on Workplace.

Or set up your broadcast to your Workplace timeline.

You can also choose a specific Workplace group for your broadcast.

You get notified when the setup is finished and the stream is connected.

Proceed through the AI Producer settings and save.

When it is time for your broadcast, and still a couple of minutes until it is about to start, you need to click the box ‘Go Live’ in the AI Producer Control Room to connect the Broadcast to Workplace.

A pop-up window from Workplace will appear from where you need to click ‘Go Live’ once again, and from this box you can, among other things, see comments from the audience.

When it is time for your Broadcast to start, click ‘Start Broadcast’ in the AI Producer Control Room.

Good luck with your broadcast!