How to Create Profiles in the Admin Portal

An AI Producer Admin can configure settings for different individual Profiles in the Admin Portal. Either by selecting an established Azure AD (“AAD”) Group or setting up a Custom Profile of selected users. Profiles can have different AI Producer settings with logos, backgrounds, broadcast destinations, and specific templates for each Profile.

Follow these steps to Create Profiles in the Admin Portal:

Open the Admin Portal and go to ‘Assign Licenses.’ Then click on ‘Create New Profile’; from there, you can base the new Profile on a company Azure AD Group or choose to create a Custom Group.

Create Azure AD Group Profile

If you base the new Profile on an AAD Group, you can easily choose AAD Group from your company tenant consisting of existing users. The Profile can also be given an alias, of which the Profile will be identified as in AI Producer. Click ‘Create’ to create the new Profile, and then you can start configuring AI Producer settings.

Create Custom Group Profile

When creating a new Custom Group, you can give the Profile a custom Name and Alias. Select Create before adding members to the new Profile by fetching all users from an AD group or searching for specific users on your tenant. When ready, start assigning settings for AI Producer to your new Profile. 

Settings for the new Profile

Go to ‘Settings’ in the Admin Portal, and select your Profile to start configuring settings by uploading a logo and background, enabling users to use their logos and backgrounds.

You can also configure Format settings and add Broadcast Destinations for the users.