During the Broadcast

Here you find some valuable tips and information about the settings when you produce a broadcast.

Check out the video tutorial if you want a deeper understanding of How to Create a Production.

The Control room of AI Producer
The Control room of AI Producer

The Control Room is the heart of the production

The Control Room is accessible within the AI Producer meeting and gives the Producer and Participants access to Live View – what the viewers will see on the destination platform. In the picture, you will find it to the right side, above the green Status: Live bar.

Open the Control Room by clicking the ‘AI Producer’ icon in the top menu. Here you can make changes to your Broadcast and interact with your viewers. You can change the names and titles of your speakers, decide who will be visible during the broadcast, and send messages to the attendees and the viewers.

The following functions, that you find below the Live View window, are accessible during the broadcast:

The Message feature allows Participants and Producers to communicate with the viewers during the broadcast, including during an ongoing break, and prior to starting the broadcast. Messages to viewers appear as an overlay in the broadcast until you click to ‘Hide’ the message.

Participants and Producers can also send messages to other participants of the AI Producer Meeting with preset or custom messages during an ongoing Broadcast.



Breaks can be initiated during an ongoing broadcast for a preset or custom length of time. The broadcast will only resume when the Producer actively chooses to Resume the broadcast.


During an ongoing broadcast, the Producer can adjust settings, such as Production Format, selected Presenters, and individual titles. The Producer can also make changes in Branding options and Production Tempo. Please notice that the broadcast destination cannot be changed during an ongoing presentation.  

If you are running a Rundown, the Settings button turns into a Rundown button.

Viewer Questions

Certain broadcast destinations that support live chat, such as another Teams meeting, Webinar or YouTube, allow interaction between the viewers and the AI Producer meeting attendees. Viewer questions will appear in the Control Room and can be highlighted to bring to the attention of the current Presenter and be shown in the broadcast for viewers to see the question.

Some broadcast destinations may require viewers to be logged in to submit a message.


Producers can now Mute the Broadcast from the Control Room. All outgoing audios will be muted, including computer sounds when ‘Include computer sound’ is selected.


Manual Mode

This is a function that gives the Producer the possibility to manually control what the Broadcast will look like during an ongoing Production. Manual Mode can be used at any time during an ongoing Broadcast. When a Producer selects ‘Use AI’, the Broadcast will return to the previous Preset Production Format selected for the Broadcast or Rundown segment.

Check out the video tutorial about How to use Manual Mode.

Sharing content in the Broadcast

Please note: The sharing option ‘PowerPoint Live’ in the Teams meeting is currently not supported by AI Producer.

First, ensure that the information you are about to share during the Broadcast is ready. Then share content by, clicking the ‘Share content’ button in the Teams Meeting. You can share the whole Screen or a specific Window.

If you want to share videos or sound, you need to allow the sharing to Include computer sound. Otherwise, only you will hear the sound from your computer, but your viewers won’t.

You can start sharing as soon as the Broadcast begins, or at any time during the Broadcast.


We recommend using two screens when sharing information. This way you can easily see the content that you are sharing on one screen and see what is happening in the Teams meeting on the other screen.

If you want the audience to hear the sound you are about to share, make sure you allow Include computer sound.


Rundown is used to create Broadcasts consisting of multiple segments. Each segment can have its own Production Format, Presenter selection, Branding options and more. For all subscription plans except Personal and Small Business, Rundown templates can be created for Azure Directory Groups in the Admin Portal, and User Portal to be easily re-used in multiple Broadcasts.

Check out the video tutorials about How to use Rundown.

Before you start your Broadcast

AI Producer enters the meeting three minutes before the scheduled time. In a couple of seconds, it connects to the Control Room and is ready to start your Broadcast. The Broadcast will not begin until you click ‘Start Broadcast’.

After starting the Broadcast, all the Control Room functions are available. They can be changed by all Attendees that are selected as Producers.

Good luck with your broadcast!