How to administrate the Admin Portal

The AI Producer Admin Portal is used by AI Producer Admins to configure AI Producer and assign licenses. The Admin Portal consists of the following sections.

Assign Licenses

To use AI Producer, the organizer of an AI Producer meeting must have a valid license. Licenses can be purchased on Azure Marketplace, Microsoft AppSource, and Teams App Store and can be assigned to individuals within the tenant by using the Assign Licenses feature. A user can also be assigned an Admin role, which allows them to manage the Admin Portal. The person purchasing AI Producer will automatically become an Administrator.

A Super Admin can also manage the Admin Portal, and even has the right to assign other users as Admins.


Find more about Assigning Licenses in the Tutorials. 

Need Help?

The Need Help?-section contains tutorials, FAQs, manuals, and more to help users understand the Admin Portal and AI Producer.

Custom Layouts

Customize the layout of Production formats with a simple drag-and-drop editor. Position where the Presenters and shared screen shall be located, and adjust the size of each video box. Add more Presenters than what the standard formats support. These layouts can be made available to all users within the organization as a Profile or Global configuration. 


Find more about Custom Layouts in the Tutorials.

Rundown Templates 

Rundowns help you create broadcasts consisting of several segments. Each segment can have its own Production Format, Presenters, Branding, etc. Rundown Templates are designed to be easily re-used in numerous broadcasts. Rundown Templates can be created and made available to the organization’s users as a Profile or Global configuration. 


Find more about Rundown Templates in the Tutorials. 

Additional Cameras

(estimated availability Q4 2022) 

AI Producer can use all cameras that are part of the AI Producer meeting. It is also possible to configure additional cameras outside of Teams to use in the production. Set up cameras and configure who should have access to them. The use of Additional Cameras can be allowed and managed on a Profile or Global level. 


This section allows assigned AI Producer Admins to configure settings available on Global or Profile configurations.

Settings consist of: 

Branding options for Logo and Background; enables users to upload their own images. Images that are not compliant with the company brand profile can be removed. 


Rundown and Layout Settings are configurable from within the Admin Portal and enable users to create their own Rundowns and Layouts;


When available, an Admin can Enable Education Mode as a production format for the users per Profile;  


Broadcast destination settings enable Admins to configure New Destinations and which broadcast destinations shall be selectable for their users;


Find more about Settings in the Tutorials.

Branding options; Logo and background.

Broadcast destination settings.