How to set up AI Producer – a step-by-step guide.

Open the Calendar

Creating a meeting with AI Producer in Teams is just like scheduling a regular meeting.

Create a meeting with AI Producer

Create the AI Producer meeting from which you will do your broadcast.

Create production meeting

Invite the Presenters to the AI Producer meeting. If you are the only speaker, invite yourself to the meeting by adding your own mail-address to the meeting. Click ‘Send’ to invite your attendees.

Edit the meeting

Re-open the window to the meeting you just created to Edit it.

Add the AI Producer app

At the top of the meeting window, select the plus (+) symbol to add an app to the meeting.

Choose the AI Producer App

Click the AI Producer app.

Add the AI Producer app

Click ‘Save’ to invite AI Producer to the meeting.

Select a Production Format

Now it is time to choose the Production settings.

The departments you are a member of are displayed under Select Department. Pick the one applicable. Your  accessibility to different departments are configurated by the AI Producer administrator. This affects what the options are when you setup AI Producer.

Select your preferred preset Production format. 

Select Presenters

Here you can make changes regarding the speakers in your broadcast.

What are the different roles in a Production?

AI Producer meeting attendees can be assigned different roles. The organizer of the meeting is always the Producer and has control of all features during the broadcast. The Producer can also assign roles to meeting attendees, and choose if they will actively participate and be shown in the broadcast by assigning roles as Producer, Presenter, and Participant.

A Producer has access and control of all features and settings in the Control Room during the broadcast. The producer can:
• Assign roles in the broadcast,
• Change titles of the presenters,
• Start and stop a break and send messages to participants and viewers,
• Change the Production Format and Tempo,
• Edit the position of the placement of the presenters,
• Change the background and logo that is shown in the broadcast, if this is allowed by the AI Producer Admin.

A Presenter is chosen by the Producer and is included in the broadcast.

Presenters are selected as Presenters in AI Producer settings They are attendees of the AI Producer meeting and will be displayed in the broadcast. The position of how the Presenters will be displayed in the broadcast can be changed using drag and drop. The Name and Title of each selected Presenter can be edited within AI Producer settings. The Name and Title will be displayed in the broadcast.

A Participant has limited access to features in the Control Room and is able to message Participants, and Viewers, and see Viewer Questions. A Participant can be chosen to have the role as an active Presenter during the broadcast.

Change the name and title of the speaker

By clicking in the bottom right corner, you can change the name and title of each speaker.

When you are finished editing the name and title, press enter or the green symbol to save.


Assign Roles

Assign the role as Producer by clicking on the button or by clicking on the drop down menu.

Add the speakers

By clicking on a meeting attendee, you can add them to the meeting as Presenters and they will then be visible during the broadcast.

Change the position of the speakers

Change the position of the speakers in the Broadcast by dragging and dropping each speaker to the required position. Then click next.

Branding your broadcast

Brand your broadcast by adding a logo and background. These will be displayed during the broadcast.

Adding a background

Select a background. Make sure the background image is at least 1920×1080 pixels.

A tip is to avoid too many details or texts because they can be hidden from what is visible in the broadcast.

Adding a logo

You can choose your own logo, it will be visible in the top right corner of the broadcast. You can also select no logo. The dedicated area for tho logo is 280×80 pixels.

Select Production Tempo

Selecting Production Tempo will determine the speed between each transition from Split-screen, Side-by-side view, and Focus modes during the broadcast.

  • Slow (for detailed presentations)
    The shared screen will mostly be in focus. Suitable when details of the shared screen are most important.​

  • Medium (fits most productions)
    Even balance between speakers and shared screen. Suitable for most events.​

  • Fast (perfect for high-energy events)
    Transitions will occur more frequently. Suitable for higher energy events.

Select Broadcast Destination

The Broadcast Destination is where the viewers will watch the broadcast. Choose to Broadcast to another Teams Meeting/Webinar, to an external destination of your choice by adding a RTMP or RTMPS-link or just save a copy to your OneDrive.

More about selecting a Broadcast Destination

Broadcast destination determines where your broadcast shall be viewed by your audience. Select a preset option or an external destination of your choice:

  • Another Microsoft Teams meeting
    When selecting Another Microsoft Teams meeting as a destination, your audience will join a separate Teams meeting to view the broadcast. You can choose between:

    • Enter an ingest URL; copy the external Teams meeting URL and paste it in the ingest URL row.

    • Create a new meeting; where  AI Producer will create a ‘Watch meeting’ for you.

    • Select an existing; existing meetings around the scheduled broadcast time are selectable here.

  • Another Microsoft Teams webinar
    When selecting Another Teams webinar as a destination, your audience will join a separate Teams webinar to watch the broadcast. To save a copy of the broadcast, be sure to select ‘Save to OneDrive’.
    Tip: Viewers can spotlight AI Producer and select ‘Fit to frame’ in the viewer meeting for best quality.

  • Save to OneDrive
    To save a copy of the broadcast, be sure also to select ‘Save to OneDrive’. The broadcast will be accessible on your OneDrive after the broadcast has ended. It is saved as a .mp4 file, within the folder titled ‘AI Producer’. Select this destination to save the broadcast as a file on your OneDrive, in combination with another broadcast destination.
  • Save to OneDrive as only destination
    The broadcast will be accessible on your OneDrive after the broadcast has ended. Select this as a single destination to save the broadcast as a file on your OneDrive.

  • AI Producer test
    Sends your broadcast to a YouTube channel administrated by LiveArena Technologies. This destination is intended for testing purposes only. The broadcast is per default set to ‘Unlisted’, meaning it is not viewable by anyone without its designated link. The designated link will be automatically sent to you by email.
    If you wish to do a broadcast with your own restrictions, we recommend using a destination administrated by your own organization and selecting ‘External’ as a destination in these settings.​


  • External
    Broadcast to an external destination such as Teams live event, or another destination of your choice. When selecting an external destination, it is important to schedule the broadcast on the external platform for the same time as the production meeting. Please note: A second process to start the live broadcast may need to be selected on the external destination.

Save your broadcast

You can also choose to save a copy of your Broadcast to your OneDrive for you to use in the future. The first time you do it you might need to log in to your Microsoft-account to allow AI Producer to save the copy on your OneDrive.

There is also an option to Save to OneDrive only.

Check your settings and save

Review your settings. You can also add your own text to the attendants to the broadcast. This text will be added to the standard text.  Select ‘OK’ to save.

You have completed the settings

Everything is set up for your broadcast. If you want to update your settings just reload the tab or come back at a later time before the meeting to make your changes. Good luck with your next broadcast!