How to set up AI Producer Meeting.

Create a meeting with AI Producer

Creating a meeting with AI Producer in Teams is just like scheduling a regular meeting. Create the AI Producer meeting from which you will record your meeting.

Create production meeting

Invite the speakers to the AI Producer meeting. If you are the only speaker, invite yourself to the meeting by adding your own mail-adress to the meeting. Click ‘Send’ to invite your attendees.

Edit the meeting

Re-open the window to the meeting you just created to Edit it. At the top of the meeting window, select the plus (+) symbol to add an app to the meeting.

Choose the AI Producer App

Click the AI Producer app. Invite the AI Producer app by clicking ´Add´.

Save the AI Producer App

Click ´Save´ to add AI Producer to the meeting.

Choose a User Format

Meeting or Broadcast. In this case, Meeting.

Select Play Video

In the Meeting format, you pick Play video to play high-quality video in the meeting. If you want more production choices you find them in the Broadcast format.

Select Presenters

Here you can make changes regarding the speakers in your meeting.

Assign Roles

By clicking on a meeting attendee, you can add them to the meeting as Presenters and they will then be visible during the meeting. Assign the role as Producer by clicking on the button or by clicking on the drop down menu.

Change position of the speakers

Change the position of the speakers in the meeting by dragging and dropping each speaker the to the required position.

Change name and title of the speaker

By clicking in the bottom right corner you can change the name and title of each speaker.

Edit the name

When you are ready with editing the name and title, press enter or the green symbol to save.

Branding your meeting

Brand your meeting by adding a logo and background. These will be displayed during the meeting.

Adding a background

Select a background. Make sure the background image is at least 1920×1080 pixels.

Adding a logo

You can choose your own logo, it will be visible in the top right corner of the meeting. You can also select no logo. The dedicated area for the logo is 280×80 pixels.

Select Production Tempo

Selecting Production Tempo will determine the speed between each transition from split-screen, side-by-side view and focus modes during the meeting.

Save your meeting

The meeting will be accessible on your OneDrive after the meeting has ended. Select this destination to save the meeting as a file on your OneDrive.


Add high-definition videos to your meeting.

Select or add videos

Videos can be selected from Personal or Organization library. Click ´Manage´to add new videos.

Add videos to User Video Library

The User Video Library is managed in the User Portal.

Upload video

Upload videos and manage them in folders in the User Video Library.

It might take a minute or two to upload your video depending on the video size.

Video uploaded

Uploaded videos can be played and deleted directly in the User Portal.

New video added to User Video Library

Select your videos by clicking the box to add them to your meeting.

Videos selected to be used in meeting

The number of added videos is shown in the settings.

Check your settings and save

Review your settings, and select ´OK´ to save.


Everything is set up for your meeting. If you want to update your settings just reload the tab or come back at a later time before the meeting to make your changes. Good luck with your next meeting!